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Growing Garden cress in water

One of the most easy to grow and a fast-growing herb is garden cress. I like the peppery flavor and I add it to cheese, eggs and different toppings. Is so easy to grow all year around and you don’t even need soil to grow it. Just a container large enough in which you put a layer of cotton on the bottom and water it. Place the cress seeds on top an keep them moist. You can cover the container to conserve moisture but you will have to open the cover from time to time to aerate the plants.

Place the container in a warm place and in full light. After 24 hours you can see the seeds have swollen, taking up the moisture from the cotton.

cress seeds

After another 24 hours they will start to sprout.


After a week they are ready to be consumed as small greens. You can let them longer if you want or you can sow them in succession so you will have a constant supply. At this stage they can be consumed whole. If you let them grow bigger you can just cut some of them and let the other grow on. Growing them in just water there is no need to wash them.


You can also grow cress in pots or in your garden.

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