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Grow your own avocado tree

Like many other plants, exotic fruits can be propagated from their seeds. Avocado make no exception. This is also a great project for kids, watching hoe the roots appear from the seed and how the plant start to grow. Open you avocado fruit with care to not damage the seed and take the seed out. Wash it thoroughly and prepare a glass with water,


Gently stick 3 or 4 toothpicks into the avocado seed and place it over you glass with water making sure that the bottom of the seed is just above the the water level.


Place the glass on a windowsill and wait. Don’t forget to add some more water from time to time, as its level go down, making sure the the bottom of the seed is always in water. In about three weeks you should see the seed cracking and small but firm roots will start to emerge from it.

It will take some more time until the plant itself will appear. after the two true leave are formed, you can move the plant in a pot with planting compost.

Sowing seeds in loo rolls

Sowing your own seeds provide you with a larger variety of cultivars then you might find when buying plants from nurseries. I kept some tomato seeds form varieties i liked last year and i’m sowing them now indoor for an early start.

To avoid much disturbance on the young plants roots i’m using loo rolls to sow them inrasadnite

I filled them with compost and placed few seeds in each roll. I will keep the strongest one in every roll.


Then i covered them with little compost, watered well and placed them in a mini greenhouse to keep the moisture in and avoid temperature fluctuation.


After a few days the little plants are starting to sprout


I hope they will do fine in their recicled home 🙂

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