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Flavored water

With summer almost here, i was thinking to make something refreshing to drink, but something that don’t have sugar and is not a tea, i was thinking to make my own flavored waters. All you need is a bottle of 2 liters of water, 1/4 lemon, few springs of mint and a fridge 🙂 Cut the lemon into fine slices, chop the mint and then add them into your water. Put in the fridge and allow 12-24 hours to combine. You can also add 3 strawberries cut into slices or any other fruits or vegetables that you like.lemon-mintlemon-mint-strawberries

My Edelweiss

I bought it in the autumn from a plant-shop. It was sent to me by post along with some other plants, mostly mints :). It looked pretty sad than, but being late autumn i hoped that in the spring it will recover.This is the way it looked back thanfloare de coltThen, it died out completely. And in the spring, new shots appeared.uscataI cleaned all the dead foliage and replanted it in a homemade hanging basket, made out of a plastic bottle 🙂curatatalegataThen, after a month it become this green beautyfloare de coltAnd then, flowers are starting to appearfloare-de-coltAnd now is in full bloom, showing all its beautyfloarea-de-coltNo special treatment, just water daily and love 🙂

Edelweiss in a pot

I have always wanted to have my own edelweiss 🙂 Now i finally have it

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