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Candied ginger

I have been growing my ginger in a pot on my balcony. After the top growth have been wilted I decided to harvest the roots. As we don’t really use much of the fresh ginger I decided to candied my harvest.ginger
I washed them and sliced them thinlyslices
Then I put it to boil into some water with 2 tablespoons of sugar
After a half of hour I strained the water, living only 3 tablespoons of water and adding more sugar, about 5 tablespoons. Then I let it boil until there is no liquid left.
I took out the ginger pieces on a piece of baking papercandied
Here is the sugar left on the pot after I took out the ginger, I’ll use it to flavor my teas or cookiesginger-sugar
And in the pot I added some hot tea to melt the left sugarpot
Never throw away good things, bottle the strained water and keep it in the fridge. Mix it with teas when you feel ill.
Store the candied ginger in a metal box and use as needed.stored

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