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Rose sugar

It is so easy to make your own rose flagrant sugar. Just put some sugar, about half kilo in a food processor and add two handful of rose petals.

zahar-cu-trandafiriLet it work for a minute or so, until all the petals are melted.

amestec-trandafiriLay the wet mixture on a tray to dry.

ud intinsLet it dry for about 24 hours and then put it in an airtight container for later use.

uscat la-borcanSo delicious 🙂

Another fruity water

This time using a lemon and a handful of cherries. Remove the stones before blending.ingrediente apa ciresataapa blenderStrain and serve cold.

apa ciresata

Fruity water

If you liked flavored water, you will love this fruity water. Put 1500 ml of water in your blender, add a peeled lemon, 12 strawberries and a hand of mint leaves.igredienteGive it a buzz and you will get the most delicious water.apa fructataDrink it as it is or strain it through a sieve to retain the small pieces and obtain a clear water.strecuratServe it cold on a nice warm day. Let the summer begin 🙂

Red wine salt

I bought a while ago some red wine salt and i liked it, but it was too expensive for buying it again, so I decided to make my own red wine salt. So I bought some coarse sea salt and used it to make my red salt. I had some home made red wine, so no expense here.

I put the wine in a pot and let it boil until it remains only a big spoon of dark red syrupy liquid.vin1vin2vin3Then I put that liquid over the salt (250 grams) and mixed it well until all was absorbed by the salt. Then I placed the salt on a tray to let it cool and dry.
sare cu vinBut after a day I saw that the salt was still wet so I decided to give a little help and placed it in my dehydrator.
sare la uscatReady. Now I have my own red wine sea salt 🙂

Onion chive vinegar

Using flowers to flavored vinegar is not a new practice. This time I used onion chive flowers to add to my vinegar.


Is so simple. Just pick some flowers, if not enough to fill a bottle, don’t worry, you can add some more later.


Add white wine vinegar to cover the flowers.


Close the bottle, shake it, and place it in a dark place.

sticla cu otet

Add more flowers as they become available until you fill the bottle. Use it to flavored you salads. Enjoy! 🙂

L.E. This is how it looks 10 days after, nice and pink 🙂



Candied ginger

I have been growing my ginger in a pot on my balcony. After the top growth have been wilted I decided to harvest the roots. As we don’t really use much of the fresh ginger I decided to candied my harvest.ginger
I washed them and sliced them thinlyslices
Then I put it to boil into some water with 2 tablespoons of sugar
After a half of hour I strained the water, living only 3 tablespoons of water and adding more sugar, about 5 tablespoons. Then I let it boil until there is no liquid left.
I took out the ginger pieces on a piece of baking papercandied
Here is the sugar left on the pot after I took out the ginger, I’ll use it to flavor my teas or cookiesginger-sugar
And in the pot I added some hot tea to melt the left sugarpot
Never throw away good things, bottle the strained water and keep it in the fridge. Mix it with teas when you feel ill.
Store the candied ginger in a metal box and use as needed.stored

Flavored water

With summer almost here, i was thinking to make something refreshing to drink, but something that don’t have sugar and is not a tea, i was thinking to make my own flavored waters. All you need is a bottle of 2 liters of water, 1/4 lemon, few springs of mint and a fridge 🙂 Cut the lemon into fine slices, chop the mint and then add them into your water. Put in the fridge and allow 12-24 hours to combine. You can also add 3 strawberries cut into slices or any other fruits or vegetables that you like.lemon-mintlemon-mint-strawberries

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