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Seed tape

Making your own seed tape is easy and funny. You can even ask your kids to help you, they will love it. All you need are the seeds you want to use, toilet paper and some water base, nontoxic glue. If you want to be more eco-friendly you can use a runny mixture of flour and water instead of glue.

Prepare the toilet paper bi cutting it into desired lengths and then cut its width it into three strips.


Consider the right distance between the seeds and place small drops of glue on the paper then place a seed on each drop.


Let them dry and then roll the paper back. Use them as needed. You can make these on a rainy day, over the winter or when you have nothing else to do and you fill in a gardening mood 🙂


This way you will have evenly spaced plants and no seed waste. Also this will save time later in the garden, as no thinning will be required.


Update avocado





Grow your own avocado tree

Like many other plants, exotic fruits can be propagated from their seeds. Avocado make no exception. This is also a great project for kids, watching hoe the roots appear from the seed and how the plant start to grow. Open you avocado fruit with care to not damage the seed and take the seed out. Wash it thoroughly and prepare a glass with water,


Gently stick 3 or 4 toothpicks into the avocado seed and place it over you glass with water making sure that the bottom of the seed is just above the the water level.


Place the glass on a windowsill and wait. Don’t forget to add some more water from time to time, as its level go down, making sure the the bottom of the seed is always in water. In about three weeks you should see the seed cracking and small but firm roots will start to emerge from it.

It will take some more time until the plant itself will appear. after the two true leave are formed, you can move the plant in a pot with planting compost.

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