Red wine salt

I bought a while ago some red wine salt and i liked it, but it was too expensive for buying it again, so I decided to make my own red wine salt. So I bought some coarse sea salt and used it to make my red salt. I had some home made red wine, so no expense here.

I put the wine in a pot and let it boil until it remains only a big spoon of dark red syrupy liquid.vin1vin2vin3Then I put that liquid over the salt (250 grams) and mixed it well until all was absorbed by the salt. Then I placed the salt on a tray to let it cool and dry.
sare cu vinBut after a day I saw that the salt was still wet so I decided to give a little help and placed it in my dehydrator.
sare la uscatReady. Now I have my own red wine sea salt 🙂

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